Saturday, May 21, 2016

Building combined armv7/x86 apk after Crosswalk integration in an Ionic project


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I have added Crosswalk to my ionic project. When i do ionic build android it outputs two separate APK files, one for armv7 and one for x86.

However i want one single apk file bundling two architectures together.

I tried setting BUILD_MULTIPLE_APKS = false but it's still building two separate apks.

There is a post here saying :

Took me a minute but you can get the single build file by commenting out the cdvBuildMultipleApks=true line in the platforms/android/

But i don't have any file in my platforms/android/ folder, i have a file and there is no cdvBuildMultipleApks=true line in it to comment out.

I tried to manually create a file and putting cdvBuildMultipleApks=false in there but still two outputs.

Any ideas how to achieve this?


My Cordova version is 5.1.1


What did work for me as suggested by @mudasserajaz and here, was to :

Create a file named build-extras.gradle inside my /platform/android/ directory.
put ext.cdvBuildMultipleApks=false inside it.
ionic build android --release then and Voila, it worked.
@mudasserajaz suggested the same thing except variable name is cdvBuildMultipleApks=false so in case it didn't work out for you, don't forget the ext




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